Ramadan 2016

The Ramadan is to be together with the poor, destitute, and outcast people to console their conditions. Based on such humanist attitude, Yardımeli organizes the donation activities on behalf of the poor, destitute, and outcast people during the Ramadan.

Our teams and volunteers convey the donations of the benefactors to those in need within the regions where the war, poverty, suffering, calamity and hardship are dominated.

In every Ramadan, our society lays “the Iftar Tables” and makes donations, including Yardımeli Provision Cards, Provisions and Food Donations on behalf of those who are in need, victims and outcast people to extends its helping hand to make them happy.

With the occasion of Ramadan, “Collective Iftars” are organized, provisions are distributed and provision cards are provided on behalf of the people of Palestine, Gaza, Sudan, Somali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arakan Immigrant Camps, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Syria, Mauritania, Albania and Kosovo.

Every Ramadan, “The Ummah Iftar” is organized in Istanbul to bring together benefactor families with poor brother families invited from the various parts of our community families. The conventional “Jerusalem Iftar” is organized to make Palestinian people feel that we are always by the side of their mission for the fight of their liberty.

Meanwhile, the orphans are provided with garments, together with donating various gifts, and pocket monies to make them happy in their religious feast, conducted via local and foreign offices and partner organizations.

  • Provision Price  60 TL
  • Iftar Price  10 TL
  • Orphan Holiday Donation  100 TL
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