Yardimeli Association



Having commenced with the feasibility works in September 2006, the volunteers of "Hayır Köprüsü/Bridge of Benevolence" completed contacts and consultation with a set of non-governmental agencies and twin relief organisations in March 2007. In this way, fifty five founder volunteers came together to finalise establishment of YARDIMELI.

Bridging over the hand that gives and the hand that receives, Yardımeli started with good deeds in line with the principle of "Food for the Heart, Food for the Head".

One of the primary reason for establishment of Yardımeli isthe principle of "Encompassing Benevolence".

Our Lord, who is the source of all benevolence, created man as three dimensions:

1. Human being as an organism
2. Human being as a thinking creature
3. Human being as a believing creature

Consequently, encompassing benevolence addresses to all three dimensions of the man.

Intending to use all sources in awareness of "Encompassing Benevolence", Yardımeli is a bridge of benevolence that accepts it from a benevolent source only to pass it to another benevolent target by way of a benevolent means.

Thanks to thousands of contributors and volunteers that always stood by us since the day of establishment, the Association delivered and still delivers aids for education, food, lodging and monetary aids to millions of people from Anatolia to the Balkans, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Caucasia.

It makes every good effort to deliver comprehensive services through relief works conducted primarily in  the east and south eastern regions of our country in addition to other regions, and in Palestine-Gaza, as well as the refugee camps in Palestine, Arakan refugee camps, Somali, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the Balkans, Turkic Republics interalia many other counties and regions.

Yardımeli Association proudly endeavours to reach and respond to every single call for help coming fromthe hind end of creation in a timely and sufficient manner.

With no discrimination of religious sect, religion, language, race, and colour etc., the Association delivers all kinds of aids whether in cash or in kind in the shortest possible time and in possibly highest quality without concession from its principles.

1. Compliance with divine boundaries
2. Loyalty to entrust
3. Loyalty to binding treaties
4. Transparency
5. Respect for human dignity
6. Removal of partiality
7. Removal of politics
8. Invitation and familiarity
9. Helping each other

Yardımeli is aware of the fact that one cannot possibly fight against ignorance without first fighting against unjust treatment or poverty without first fighting against corruption; likewise one cannot possibly put an end of victimisation unless justice is strictly supported. According to this, the Association endeavours to ensure that all opportunities and available sources are initially directed at emergency aids and deliveries, which is instantly followed by education-prioritised services.