Yardimeli Association

مبادئ العمل


1. OBSERVANCE OF DIVINE LIMITS: Our Association pledges to observe justice in all of its activities.

2. LOYALTY TO TRUSTS: Our Association considers alms, Zakât, donations, endowments, and any similar kinds of charitable spending for helping people in need to be each a trust and adopts the principle of distributing themto their respective beneficiaries in  the most proper manner.

3. FAITHFULNESS TO COVENANTS: Our Association considers the giving hand’s conditions as a covenant and faithfulness to this covenant as a duty and moves ahead with the principle “the conditions laid down by him who dedicates in charity are like the decrees of Islamic law”.

4. TRANSPARENCY: Disapproving of the attitude saying “just give and don’t ask about the rest” to the giving hands, our Association adopts the principle “give and follow closely”. Therefore, it abides by transparency and accountability to the last.

5. RESPECT TO HUMAN HONOUR: Our Association knows that the receiving hands belong to people and considers it its duty to keep away from any sorts of attitude and behaviour, which could harm the dignity and honour that are due to man.

6. REJECTION OF DISCRIMINATION: Our Association comes to the help of those in need regardless of their race, tribe, religious sect, temperament, sex or personal preferences and will never renounce this principle.

7. REJECTION OF POLITICS: Yardımeli performs its activities not on political considerations but on humane onsiderations.

8. INVITING OTHERS TO ISLAM AND NURTURING FRIENDSHIP: Our Association renders all help that is due to those who are needy, destitute and wronged with the conviction that the humanity is a common denominator between all people and adopts the principle of warming hearts towards the invariable values of humanity.

9. ASSISTANCE: Our Association makes use of all instruments, suchas means of mass communication, open educational sessions, forums, panel discussions, conferences, etc. in order to spread the morals of mutual aid and to raise common awareness of this subject at all levels of society. 



1. YARDIMELI is conscious of its being a representative of the great tradition that has given birth to “the civilization of charity”. It belongs to this tradition and aims at rebuilding it.

2. YARDIMELI aims at growing into a global compassion movement.

3. YARDIMELI aims at responding to every call for help coming from the most remote corners of the world at the right time and in adequate manner as well as getting well equipped with necessary power, means and experience.

4. YARDIMELI aims at becoming an institution that all international institutions and organizations from OIC to UN recognize, trust, consult, exchange knowledge and experience with, without renouncing the principles forming the foundation of its existence.

5. YARDIMELI does not only content itself with being a bridge between giving and receiving hands, but is also involved in the AR-GE activities so as to solve problems at the root and aims at developing plans and projects.

6. YARDIMELI knows it well that there can be no struggle against unjust treatment unless there is struggle against ignorance, that there can be no fight against poverty unless there is fight against malpractice, that one cannot put an end to injustice unless one supports justice. Focusing not on the results but on the causes of problems, it aims at establishing common, systematic and private educational institutions that are necessary for the solution of problems on a global scale.

7. YARDIMELI has determined the following as its fields of activity: the disabled, orphans, the poor, the elderly and destitute, victims of social injustices, famine, and drought. It aims at publishing periodicals and other informative and instructive publications along with audio and video recordings designed to satiate the mind and heart, which deal with issues in these fields.