Yardimeli Association

Bağış Yöntemleri

Online Donation

You can click the following link to donate safely with your credit card.

Click here to donate now.


Cash Donations by Bank

Choose the most eligible bank for your donationsamongst the bank accounts of the Association.


Non-Cash Donation

You are most welcomed to make non-cash donations including without limited to furniture, white goods, clothing, foods and beverages and what else a family may be in need of.

Please bear in mind that second-hand articles and goods are not accepted.


Internet Banking

* Ziraat Bank
* Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank
* Albaraka Türk
* Bank Asya
* Türkiye Finans Participation Bank

To donate, you may click on YARDIMELİ on "Donation" display at the internet branches of the aforecited banks, or you can instruct for an EFT (electronic fund transfer) order at another bank apart from the ones listed above.


Donations by Mail Order

You can donate safely with your credit card by instructing a mail order for donating on a regular basis.

Mail Order Form


Money Order

You can donate to money order account of Yardımeli Association numbered 5504911 at any PTT (national post and telegraph directorate of Turkey) branch office of your choice.


Donation Against Receipt

You can deliver your donation to the representatives of the association at the head office or at stands. Please remember to ask for a receipt in return for your donation.