Yardimeli Association

رؤيتنا و هدفنا

Our Vision is:

  • To help individuals, families and communities in need to stand on their own feet and to be able to lead their social lives by producing a favourable environment to remove the negative effects resulting from ignorance, natural disasters and wars;
  • To respond to every call for help coming even from the most remote corners of the world at the right time and in adequate manner by mobilizing rescue teams, equipment, knowledge, data processing, all available power and means to reach the crisis area;
  • To support and strengthen individuals, institutionsand organizations of the communities all over the world that have become or made to become destitute;
  • To produce permanent projects prioritizing education and to seek solutions in terms of means and resources for them;
  • To pioneer the social solidarity and mutual aid by forming the consciousness of helping others and helping one another all around the world and by cooperating with all organizations and ountries;
  • To contribute to eliminating unjust treatment and poverty as well as to ensuring social justice.


Our Mission is:

  • To make every possible effort to ensure the reconst ruction of the charity civilization we belong to;
  • To contribute to the spread of the charity civiliza tion all over the world and to the establishment of the consciousness and morals of mutual aid in society;
  • To secure a decent, honourable life to all needy, wronged and oppressed people by providing humanitarian aid they need wherever they are so that truth and justice be dominant in every corner of the world, good be spread all around and evil be prevented;
  • To act according to the necessity of being equal in humanity and brothers in religion and to become a global compassion movement adopting the principle “Help one another in goodness and piety, but help not one ano ther in sin and hostility”;
  • To be a charity bridge between giving and receiving hands and to make every effort to attain the glad tiding “leading to a good deed i s like doing that very good deed”;
  • To adopt the motto “satiate the heart and head toge ther with the stomach” with the understanding that charity is part of the invariabl e values of humanity;
  • To prevent the family, which is the cornerstone of the society, and the humanity from being crushed in the face of ignorance, unjust treatment, poverty and malpractice, focusing not on the results but on the causes of problems;
  • To work in order to make good live at all times and in every place;
  • To approach disabled people being the most sensitive part of the society with the principle “disability is in the body, but not in the soul” and to be the hands that grasp, the eyes that see, the ears that hear and the legs that walk to the disabled, who are tested by disability and by whom the non-disabled are tested.