Yardimeli Association

Yardimeli, al Ehsan Movement in Five Continent

Yardimeli, al Ehsan Movement in Five Continent

Yardimeli, al Ehsan Movement in Five Continent

Yardimeli Association has implemented sacrifice project under the slogan "sacrifice join us together". The project is implemented in 35 countries and 45 area to help million poor, homeless, and orphans on the ground.

Yardimeli Association has implemented sacrifice project under the slogan "sacrifice join us together". The project is implemented in 35 countries and 45 area to help million poor, homeless, and orphans on the ground.

We have provided all needy requirements not only meat as our goals are to share their sorrow and be the balm for their wounds and plant hope in their hearts.

All employees and volunteers, and goodness lovers in several countries have involved in sacrifice project. Their main goal was slaughtering and distributing meat. We contributed to keep out implement permanent activities for families.

Also he said: "We have lots of project and you can have free access to that we are marketing in our headquarter such as educational,orphanage, vocational rehabilitation center t and many other projects which we lay its foundation stone.

In 2015, We have implemented sacrifice project in the countries who are dominated by poverty and illiteracy. However efforts are paid intensively in this project in Açe, Kamboç, and Küba.

Since many yeaers our teams sacrifice qurban in the Middle East, such as Irak, Suriye, Ürdün and Lübnan and other bleeding countries.


Yardimeli in Gazze since 2006 people are living under a tight siege that forced them to live in such bad circumstance. All doors are closed in their faces therefore we started to assist Gazze. In the beginning of our way we have distributed food medicines, medical instruments and all the urgent needs. We helped thousands of residents wo are living under bad economic conditions. Also we have distributed sacrifice meat to the people there. Moreover we sponsored about 2000 needy and poor family in Gaza by presenting sponsorships to our brothers regularly to alleviate their suffering.

We offer helping hand to Syrian refugees

We have reduced their bleeding wounds and shared their suffering in most countries under difficult living conditions. Where Suriye is witnessing wars for 5 years ago that forced them to live under the shadow of the dominant force. Al-Adha Eid is the means to visit our displaced Syrians brothers in Urfa, Antep, Kilis and Hatay’daki to deliver gifts to the needy. In addition,we have visited Many schools that have been established by the Assembly.

We Do not forget the refugees and orphans in Irak

We have distributed sacrificial meat to Iraqi refugees who were forced to leave their homes and live many years under wars in Iraq.3.5 million orphans need your pity. Especially in the areas of Musul, Ambar, Selahaddin and Kerkük. We have distributed meat to the needy.

Jordan and Lebanon

Yardimeli team distributed sacrificial meat to our Palestinian refugees brothers and and Syrian Jordan and Lebanon living in too bad economic circumstances. We have distributed all their daily needs.

Oppressed Africa Province

Yardimeli has widely implemented multiple projects in many countries in Afrika continent. Especially in Sudan, Somali, Etiyopya, Moritanya and Tanzanya We have distributed sacrificial meat to those countries. Where we have also drilled a water well to our brothers.

We were with our sheikh of Islam in Moritanya

The manager of public works general director Dr. Sadık has participated with İslamoğlu Sheikh as well as his great family in sacrifice in Moritanya. The sheikh of Islam shared in distributing sacrifice meat for the families of brotherhood and contributed in the visits to those families. In addition to surveying the ongoing projects in moritanya.


In February-march 2016 a hospital is going to be opened for women and children.all latest preparations are ready. Where we have opened several projects in Mogadişu to help poor, needy and orphans to be the helping hand for them such as Water well drilling, Brotherhood families, milky goat provision, orphanage for orphans, eyes clinic, educational centers such as Ktlak center. And we have also distributed sacrificial meat.

In 2011, the Turkish people especially Turkish associations offered a helping hand to homeless and poor in Somalia to plant hope in their future.


Yardimeli Association with its staff have implemented sacrifice project in different areas of Sudan and met their needs. Also We have distributed various gifts for orphans and poor children.

We visited the largest orphanage and school at the same time in Sudan, "Aqaba orphanage" that was built by the Assembly. We draw a smile on the faces of the orphans.

Habeşistan & Tanzanya

Yardimeli distributed meat to the descendants of the Negus and our brothers in Tanzania. And we have opened a water well and visit the school that we built. The distribution of sacrifice has published happiness in their faces.

Afghanistan and Pakistan, the country of brotherhood

Yardimeli Association has reached qurban meats and various aid to needy families in Afganistan and Pakistan.

Yardimeli has distributed meat to the Sultan Eyüp village in Pakistan. Also it has distributed different gifts among students in the village. Moreover the vocational rehabilitation center has been visited. also we enhanced the opining of water wells by the visits to brotherhood families in Pakistan.

It is l known that Afghanistan has great tragedy because of poverty and ignorance, especially, after 1979 war by the oppressive world. We have sacrificed qurbans for orphans and the needy. We opened water wells. And we visited many institutions to discuss ways of cooperation and coordination.

The countries of pain Arakan, Bangladesh, Nepal

People skins were burned. Not place is left to protect themselves from the humanitarian misery. Muslims were brutally murdered. Their land or death. They are forced to leave from Myanmar to Bangladesh. We slaughter sacrifice for refugees residing in Arakan and present it to our brothers. weDug water wells. We visited the families of brotherhood. We visited the orphanage that is still under construction. We organized visits to the students in our schools and mosques and gave them educational assistance and sacrifice. The Eid is not how much you are happy but how you pleased others.

We distributed sacrificial meat among our brothers in Nepal who had an earthquake before months.

The Eid in the Balkans is Distinguished

Yardimeli team went to Bulgaristan, Macaristan, Bosna and Hersek, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo in order to slaughter sacrifice and distribute them to the needy.

We visited the brotherhood families in Al Bosnia and Herzegovina and distributed educational aid. Also our team who came from Germany, Austria and Holland have sacrificed and distributed meat to sheltered families.

East Turkistan and Egypt

Yardimeli association does not forget the refugees that fled from Mısır and the East of Türkistanlı who had been exposed to injustice and murder. Meats have been distributed among our Egyptian brothers and Turkmen who are staying in İstanbulda. We shared our brothers the feast because of their forced remoteness from their homelands.

Kırgızistan, Kazakistan, Azerbaycan, Kyrgyzstan and Moğolistan

Yardimeli and its teams distributed sacrificial meat to the needy in these countries. Especially our association in Kazhstan and Kyrgyzstan participated in these activities. And conducted a study to bring students to receive their education in Turkey. We express our sincere thanks to all our benefactors in the world who asked us to sacrifice on their behalf and donated for the sake of poor orphans and needy.

All qurban have been sacrificed on behalf of the benefactors and we have distributed the meats among orphans, needy, and oppressed people.

Also we have mentioned the name of donors for each qurban see the link below: