Yardimeli Association

We Are Tested By Our Brothers..

We Are Tested By Our Brothers..

We Are Tested By Our Brothers..

Palestine, Syria, Libya, Myanmar, Afghanistan and all other rapists and injustice regimes against our brothers survival who are living great trouble currently, and most of them face the winter in the streets...

Zionists have practiced all forms of oppression against our brothers on its territory claiming their right on these lands. For instance, in Libya shells are falling. The conflict in Iraq is continuing more than a quarter of a century. Millions of people die, millions of widows and orphans. Afghanistan is living in a crisis for Forty years until it gets desolate. Our turkmen brothers are struggling in Turkmen mount against al Assad and Russian shells.

Do you want to provide support in the days of winter to our brothers who are struggling in this injustice and Unconscionable world.


Join us to meet the needs of our brothers from Syrian refugees for the coming winter season by providing blankets, electric heaters, food and essential daily needs.

Osman Han General Coordinator of yardimeli Association has stressed on the importance of preparation to receive the winter to provide assistance to the Syrian families in our country and in Syria itself.

Mr. Alhan declared in his speech that the Unconscionable world doesn’t concern with the war as well as the Syrian crisis. Therefore we hosted in our country, more than 2.5 million Syrians. Millions of Syrians are struggling poverty and misery inside Syria as their neighboring countries in order to stay alive, currently they are living in inhuman situation.

Also he added: "We brought us the aids of our Syrian brothers since the beginning of the crisis" confirming that before the beginning of winter season we shared the bread and participated our Syrian brothers.

In these difficult days of winter we warm them by our hearts. This work will add a beautiful echo of our generations.

The region exposed humanitarian genocide

There are Many countries of the Muslim world, especially Palestine - Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Libya and Afghanistan exposed to the systematic chaos, the dominant power in the world which intend to make this areas inflamed for their own interests and endangering the lives of people for collective genocide.

Due to internal conflict and war experienced by our oppressed Syrians brothers and the air strikes bombed by al-Assad and Russia targeting houses, mosques, schools and hospitals as well as all life aspects. Phosphorus bombs are used brutally to kill children, women and the elderly. Killing is practiced randomly to assault victims without any justification and there is no supporter to them.

İlhan said: "In Gaza and Ramallah occupation practiced all forms of oppression and injustice to our Palestinian brothers. it kills young children brutally in the streets.

Our minemarian brothers don’t know their right on their land. Due to fighting in Libya, it was divided into three countries. And the racist war continues for a quarter of a century and millions of them have been displaced and there has been millions of widows and orphans. Unfortunately, Forty years are passed and the war continues in Afghanistan which transferred into ruins. In these recent days our Turkmen brothers in Turkmen mount are exposed to a double heavy attack from al-Assad and Russia.

Assisting those people is an Islamic duty

In addition to that Alhan said: "We would express our great gratitude to our people for their contribution in encountering these needs, which forced us to stand up and help all areas of conflict in the Muslim world and offer the required donations. Working is the duty of our brothers in the Islamic world, as the coming of winter invited us to provide the necessary requirements.

Also he mentioned in the beginning of winter campaign: "We are tested under the current multiple forms of oppression in the Muslim regions, especially towards our Syrian brothers who suffer from the ravages of war. We are working for this exam."but do thou good, as Allah has been good to thee." in Pursuant to that matter and carrying the responsibility and sacrifice towards people, the Islamic world, and refugees to enable them to survive.

Mr. Osman Alhan the General Coordinator of the headquarters of yardimeli Association has declared this statement.

The campaign began, "in order not to cool down our brothers" in our country in cooperation with all branches,volunteers, 81 region, and the institutions of civil society. Alhan indicates to the great importance of this campaign to relief our brothers in need. We will coordinate with all the branches, volunteers and all stores through the headquarter to be the bridge of goodness. Also we will distribute aids to all our brothers in all places in away that suits him as a muslin human.

The Beginning will be from Istanbul through Kayseri, Konya Bursa and Sivas. Aid trucks will go out in coordination with the main branch and sent to the 81 region of refugees and those in need. Blankets and fireplaces, would be delivered by volunteers and our representatives. at the same time we have prepared donations in our association including the preliminary needs, baby diapers,feeding bottles, winter clothes for distributing them among our brothers in Hatay, wikiliks, Turkmen mount in addition to other refugees and we are still continuing.

In the coming days, Mr. İlhan said: " The convoys will move into Arfa and Wekliks" then he thanked all the cash and in kind donors to the association.