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Darul Hikme Complex Project About

Darul Hikme Complex Project About

Darul Hikme Complex Project About

With a population 160 millions, Bangladesh is one of the most overpopulated countries in terms of number of the people per meter-square area. 88% of the citizens of Bangladesh are Muslims, where living standards and level of income of the people are extremely low.

There is no religion courses provided in the public schools. Therefore, there are innumerable private schools and orphanages distributed throughout the country.

The base was laid down for 4-storey Yardımeli Darul Hikme Complex to be constructed on 1,000 m2 portion of overall 3,000 m2 area located at Cox’s Bazaar by the participation of the Association officers and Bangladesh Desk mission on February 2015. The complex will provide boarding training and accommodation in particular for the children from Arakan. The children will be provided with the supervision and guardianship from the primary schools until their university educations.

The children from Arakan will be selected among the orphans in particular. Furthermore, the services will be provided on behalf of the children of poor families and orphans whose families are in suffrage as a result of political and ethnic conflicts in the country. 1,000 children will be provided with training possibilities upon completion of the complex project.

On February 2016, the base was laid down for the mosque of the complex by the officers of the association and members of Bangladesh table, together with visitors from the headquarter, complex students and people living in the region. Consisted of altogether 550 m2 enclosed area in three storey established on 300 m2 land area when the construction works be completed, the mosque will be at the disposal of the complex students and people in the region.

In fact, the children were provided with the training right after the completion of basement floor construction. For the time being, training activities are conducted while the construction works are under progress. We, as Yardımeli, aim to complete the constructions of the complex and mosque as of and of 2016.