Yardimeli Association

Ramadan 2016

Ramadan 2016

Ramadan 2016


Let's share the goodness, Let's keep the Brotherhood alive

We pray to Allah that the Blessed month of Ramadan will be instrumental in blessing, blessing and fraternity.Humanity is going through a great depression.We pass through a period of time when human basic emotions are blinded, where goodness is forgotten, individualization is put forward, sharing and co-operation is underestimated, and worrying about other people's problems is considered a burden.What should we do, is there no responsibility for us?

The thing to do is actually certain: It is necessary to strengthen our dialogue and to remember and remember our responsibilities by taking advantage of the Blessed Ramadan opportunity and taking advantage of its climate.

Let us share our beauties, our favors that have been forgotten, so that our fellowship may live and continue. 

And let us live together the joy of sharing this Ramadan, the peace of brotherhood.With this intention and determination, as every year, our teams and volunteers deliver donations from philanthropists to the needy people in the regions of war, poverty, victimization, disaster and poverty.

The Yardımeli association, by establishing Iftar tables with holiday clothes and gifts to orphans in 20 different regions with its help offices, representative offices and partner institutions in 81 provinces and abroad, by making aid cards, cards, controllers and food distribution, smiling the faces of the needy, victims and orphans, and repairing broken hearts.Yardımeli EUROPE,Assisted Europe continues its efforts to spread this good and good through representatives in countries. www.yardimeli.eu detailed information about assisted European Studies can be obtained.As with every Ramadan, by organizing "Ummah Iftar" in Istanbul, we bring together the families of the poor brothers and sisters who we invite from different regions of our Ummah, and in Palestine, the traditional "Iftar of Jerusalem" is organized to make us feel that our brothers and sisters are with the struggle for freedom.The Qur'an is a gift in Asia and Africa where it is needed during Ramadan.

In addition, in 81 provinces and abroad in our country before the feast, orphans are dressed by means of offices and partner organizations, and various gifts and pocket fees are given and they are provided to enter the feast with joy.

  • Provision Price  75 TL / 15€
  • Iftar Price  15 TL / 3€
  • Orphan Holiday Donation  100 TL / 20€
  • Fitra  20 TL / 8€
  • Gift Quran  15 TL / 3€