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Yardımeli Dressed 1400 Oprhan in Diyarbakır

Yardımeli Dressed 1400 Oprhan in Diyarbakır

Yardımeli Dressed 1400 Oprhan in Diyarbakır

A parent of orphans is God. Orphans are fiduciary to ummah.

Bairam gifts and clothes are irrevocable of bairam morning for children.

As Yardımeli Foundation, we work to live down orphanhood of orphans in our world and in our country with distribute festive clothes to some extent, we obtain that they enter bairam with happiness.

In this content, Delegation of Yardımeli Foundation Diyarbakır province organizes to dressed 1400 orphans in Sur district of Diyarbakır in the scope of the project.

With distribution of İstanbul General Center Yardımeli Association President Mr. Dr. Sadık Danışman, Yardımeli Association board member Necat Şendur, Yardımeli Diyarbakır Province Delegation Ahmet Sıcakyüz and guess, 1400 orphans had festive clothes in shops. Shoes, trousers, t-shorts, and underwear gifted to orphans. Orphans had chosen clothes and colors, which they liked, with their families. During one week, 250 orphan children were dressed in every day, so 1400 orphan wait bairam day with their new festive clothes.

The scope of Oprhan Dressing Project, Yardımeli Association realized to iftar program in Sur district of Diyarbakır moreover. Orphans, invitees and local public have joined this iftar.