Yardimeli Association

Palestine Ramadan Activities

Palestine Ramadan Activities

Palestine Ramadan Activities

Yardımeli foundation that performs Ramadan activities in different areas of world, is mobilized for Palestine in this Ramadan as usual.

We continue to transmit to our aids through the instrument of our Gaza office to Palestinian brothers who struggle under cruelty of Zionist İsrael.

Until now Ramadan food packets transmitted to 1000 families in 20 different areas of Gaza strip. These Ramadan food packets, which prepared by Gaza office with a big daintiness, are preparing in the manner supply with food needy of one family. There are basic necessities like oil, sugar, flour and dry food in food packet, it transmits to needy families.

As usual every year, we sat a ‘brotherhood tables’ in Gaza. We break our fests in iftar tables with hundreds of Palestinian brother guesses in every day.

We continue to make happy with giving festive clothes gifts due to ummah fiduciary orphans don’t enter bairam as upset.  In this content, we gifted festive clothes to 200 orphan children in Palestine until now.

20 countries, 81 provinces Ramadan activities continue by the foundation, and it will continue activities with confidence and support your valuable donors.