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We accompanied orphans and needy persons in Ramadan

We accompanied orphans and needy persons in Ramadan

We accompanied orphans and needy persons in Ramadan

With coming Sultan of the eleven month Ramadan, our homes became cheerful, renewed our souls and we awaked again with consciousness of being ummah.

And when Ramadan is leaving us with fine sound, it brought fest to us. Supreme God made us that benefit from Ramadan thoroughly. As Yardımeli Foundation just like every year we don’t leave alone our oppressed, victim, needy and refugee brothers in different geographies of earth. We worked with all power to aid with our delegations in 81 provinces in Turkey, office and partner institution in overseas.


During Ramadan month, we organized collective iftar programs particularly Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania and Kosovo, 81 provinces of Turkey, and 20 countries of world. More than hundred thousands brothers brought their fest in these tables.


As the foundation, we continue to family iftars this year too which we apply every Ramadan regularly. With participation of needy families, which determined before, and volunteers, these iftars obtain to feel sharing and soul of Ramadan to us. After iftar, food packet card aid and festive clothes gifts to needy families.


We transmitted food packets, which prepared as provide one-month food necessity of a family, to needy families in the scope of Ramadan activities.There are many advantage of application of food packet card, which we apply it especially in Anatolia, both volunteers and needy families.Needy families completed their necessities with these cards to shopping from contractual markets. We relieved 25 thousand food packets during Ramadan.


Due to orphan, who fiduciary from God to ummah, don’t enter bairam as a sad, we made happy 40 thousand orphans in Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and 81 provinces of Turkey with festive clothes. Orphans took their dress with choosing whatever they like color and design. Smiling and happiness in the faces of orphans who get their festive clothes is priceless.

The bridge between giving hand and needy hands Yardımeli Foundation will continue to aid to oppressed and abuse to face of orphans with confidence and support of donors.