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We Are In 35 Countries And 45 Districts

We Are In 35 Countries And 45 Districts

We Are In 35 Countries And 45 Districts

Yardımeli completed to preparation to working of aid el edha, which will be doing in 35 countries and 45 districts also with qurban working in our country.

The qurbans, which will be donated to Yardımeli foundation by deputation way in this Aid el Edha will distribute to needy person by sacrifice qurbans in determined country and district.


Qurban prices determined according to country

Yardımeli is doing Qurban organization during 10 years, Yardımeli preserve chance to choice by determining qurban prices according to countries and district for years.

Qurban prices determined 375 TL for Asia and Africa, 625 TL for Balkans, 700 TL for Turkey, 800 TL for Palestine/Gaza.

Yardımeli foundation distributed qurban share to tens of thousand families in 2005. Our foundation will aim to distribute more qurban share than 2016 to orphans and indigents.


What will do in districts?

The groups of Yardımeli will transmit qurbans which donor by deputation way to everywhere of earth. Also they carried love, brothership and compassion of our donors to all brothers who live in other geographies, also they will be hope for all. They will be support to brothers who wait us in 35 countries and 45 districts, and they will help to healing life conditions. Also other working will be doing through to necessity of countries and districts.

Our team will be initiate education institution, health centre, job workshop, orphan houses, mosque and masjids, they will visit our brotherhood families and they will construct hearth bridges.


Eid Al Edha Organization Will Be in These Countries

From Anatolia to Balkans, from Asia to Africa, from Middle East to Circassia, firstly Turkey, qurbans will transmit to all needy persons and orphans, also Afghanistan, Arakan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Bulgaria, East Turkistan, Ethiopia, Gaza, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kashmir, Kirghizstan, Kosovo, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Budapest, Macedonia, Mali, Egypt, Mongolia, Mauritania, Niger, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan and Yemen.


The sacrifice of Qurbans

The animals, which suit to sacrifice, are bought from our experts according to Islamic way. Our teams transmit qurban meats to needy persons by hand. Your qurban was sacrificed message will transmitted to donors after it completed.


How donation is doing?

Click for online donation.

With post accountdraft: Fatih Şb. 5504911

With way of bank

With coming centre of Yardımeli foundation or with delegation

Also, you can donate on mobile application and can follow your donations.