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Winter came, our brothers don't cold!

Winter came, our brothers don't cold!

Winter came, our brothers don't cold!

With the cooling of the air, the winter slowly began to show its face. The snow that has fallen on the high sections of the country has begun to enter news bulletins.

Many of us completed winter preparation. Winter clothes took a place in wardrobe again. We started to complete our deficient like jacket, boat, and gloves. In the provinces that do not natural gas possibility and people who live in rural areas of big parts of Anatolia set up their stove to their homes and they started to coal shopping. Winter carries different meanings for many of us. For example; children wait to snow with their four eyes. Some of them feel excitement for going skiing areas.

Of course there is other side of this view;

People who don’t find any home, those who can not get the coal to burn in the fire due to the impossibility, Not even something to burn something inside, we have brothers and sisters in need. There are sad mothers who suffer from the pain of being able to lay a blanket on their children at night. Especially provinces, which Syrian muhajir brothers live in, also other Syrian brothers who did not find place in streets and give a life struggle, will feel cold until to the bone.

For do not face to face these types of view, we started ‘Our Brothers don’t Cold’ in last year, and in this year, we started to this project better. We will transmit winter materials like wood, coal, stove, blanket to thousands sufferers with support of our supporters and volunteers, through the instrument of our delegates to every parts of country.  

Within the scope of the campaign, prices of winter necessities that you can reach to needy through our association are determined as follows;

  • Blanket: 25TL
  • A Bottle Coal: 20TL
  • Coal/Wood Stove: 100 TL