Yardimeli Association

Brotherhood Time for Humanity

Brotherhood Time for Humanity

Brotherhood Time for Humanity

International Humanitarian Aid Association Yardımeli, completed help preparation with approaching Ramadan month.

Yardımeli says, without separating religion, language, race, ‘where there is a need, we should be there’, on behalf of charitable, continue to be ointment to the wounds of the victim of all kinds with different types of help.

Abundance of Ramadan will Improve Brotherhood

In Ramadan month, Yardımeli is reaching helps to our 81 provinces, to countries where realized big problems such as Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arakan, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Bosnia.

Beneficent, through Yardımeli, can make an iftar table to poor, wear an orphan or reach equipage to a needy family. Thus, as it is every year, in Turkey and in the World, to orphans and their families, also the scope of brotherhood family project, they can support their brotherhood family.

In Ramadan month, Yardımeli aims to raise a smile with holiday clothes at home and in abroad and establish charity bridge with iftar tables.

Equipage Card and Equipage Packet 60 TL

Yardımeli, instead of equipage, gives equipage card which enabling the needy to get the product they want from the market. Needy persons, with this card, a common market in Turkey, they can take wishes food or toys for their children, thus, allowing them to procure directly the products that they need.

It Is Possible to Give a Holiday Clothes Gift to Orphans with 100 TL!

Yardımeli, with your support, this year as it is every year, aims to dress 50.000 orphans at home and in abroad with giving support thousands of child’s holiday joy with holiday clothes.

You, too, can be partner to this happiness by taking holiday clothes to an orphan with 100 TL.

Iftar Price 15 TL

Yardımeli, in this Ramadan, meet with our Muslim brothers from Asia to Africa in Iftar tables.

Qur’an Gift With 15 TL

In Qur’an month Ramadan, in Asia and Africa, Qur’an will be gifted.

Yardımeli Teams will Make Iftar with Needy Families Overall in Turkey

Yardımeli teams, this year as it is every year, during Ramadan month, will be guest to needy families tables in and will live with them iftar happiness. While they are guesting iftar tables, they will take various gifts together iftar-breaking meal. Visiting are continuing during Ramadan month in overall of Turkey and in abroad.

In This Ramadan, We Will Share Our Bite with Syrian Refugees

Yardımeli Association, gives an iftar, equipment and holiday clothes gifts to Syrian refugee brothers who refuge our country due to war and cruelty. Kind and cash benefits are delivered according to the list, which created with rigor.

In Ramadan, your zakat, charity, aid and donations get blessing to the oppressed and needy of the earth, get hope, get love, get conversation, get friendship and shake the earth.

"Do good as Allah has done goodto you."