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You have a letter!

You have a letter!

You have a letter!

Fadıl Cangiroglu is only one of the orphans supported under the project.

" I am 9 years old. People are being dear and respectful even more with the help of them and they are very happy. The aids are just like flowers, the fresher the people the happier it is. And I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I will help people, children, orphans. "


Fadıl Cangiroglu is only one of the orphans supported under the project. He conveyed the emotions that education support made in that tiny heart. The orphan Education Project, which is launched with the aim of preventing orphans from being deprived of education without their parents, continues uninterruptedly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, especially in Turkey.

The project initiated by Yardımeli Association in January 2016 is supported by thousands of orphans in Turkey and around the world starting from the beginning.


Distributions for the three-month period with the bank account of orphans living in Turkey are transported by means of hand-delivered against signature to the orphans living abroad.

With the Orphan Education Project, it is important for orphans to know that no matter how difficult the circumstances are, they are brothers who think themselves and pay attention to material and spiritual prayers thousands of miles away. Their hopes for the future continue to grow and grow with the help and support of their charitable people.


With this project, it gives people peace to share their joy and happiness by building up the dream of reading, standing on their own feet, being light to today and the future, and most importantly of all looking at tomorrow with hope.…

Hundreds of letters of appreciation received from orphans from the beginning of the project showed us once again how accurate we are.

Their love and hope in their huge hearts became a candle illuminating the darkness.

In the pray that Every orphan we support will bring goodness and beauty to him and to his family, then to his country and to the whole world.

For an educational support of an orphan: 110TL

Would you like to hold orphans and support their education?