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I made my choice: BROTHERHOOD

I made my choice: BROTHERHOOD

I made my choice: BROTHERHOOD

Our dear Prophet said in his speech to the exciting and crowded community that came to meet him when he emigrated from Mecca to Medina “O God’s servants, BE YOUR BROTHERS”

Today we need this prophet call very much.

The co-Family Project, which has been going on since 2007, continues to be a bridge between volunteer donors and needy families.


Would You Be My Brother?

We hope that there will be no wars, exploitation, oppression or violations of human rights on earth.

But we have to live on the same world as the collective of countries that have lost their humanity enough to try war material on oppressed people as a force against each other.

We live in a time when international contracts are on paper.

In countries that use their economic power as the right to exploit poor people, millions of people are battling the world, and are being trampled by economic crises. These countries are in a race among themselves to destroy humanity.

In many countries, war and instability make it difficult for people to make production and to rescue their lives.

Due to this dramatic drama of the Ummah as a Yardımeli organization, not being insensitive to the humanity that has been exposed to persecution and injustice; provides the opportunity to reach the needy people through the developed Co- Family Project.



With the co-family project, which has been a sustainable project since 2007, it has been possible to reach more needy families by adding new ones to supported countries every year.

With the co- family project, where all kinds of support are provided, from education to health, from basic food to clothing , from educational institutions to places that can be lived, the families can dream about the future and look forward to the future.

Donors' interest in the project is increasing day by day.

Among the families who are constantly in contact with his brother, who are worried about his brother's suffer’s , there are families who visit his brother's family in his home and invite him to his home .