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The Help Handles Are The Four Side Of The World

The Help Handles Are The Four Side Of The World

The Help Handles Are The Four Side Of The World

This year we started with the” 1 qurban 1 seedland " project, The Sacrifice slaughtering and distribution organization through the power of Attorney 2018, was successfully completed without any problems.

In Turkey and in 30 countries – 55 different regions, 120 volunteers, including the members of the Board of Directors, took part in the sector and distribution organization.

At least 2 people who went to the regions where the final and the distribution were carried out witnessed the activities in the region until the end of the slaughter and distribution. We just couldn't get to the station because of security in a few areas. The qurbans were slaughtered and distributed through partner local associations in that area. With all salughtering and distribution images, delivery documents are requested from the partner institution. During all the sacrificial groups, Video and audio recordings were recorded and distribution was recorded during the delivery. On the second day of the eid, the work of salughtering and distribution was completed in most regions. Only one day after the eid was completed in places starting from Turkey (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arakan Islands, Niger, Nepal). Yardımeli teams completed their task, they began to return to Turkey from the 3rd day. A total of 10,500 shares were distributed to qurbans. 540 thousand people were reached with the gifts brought, Orphans, and the children were delighted, co-families were visited at their homes. Syrian, Afghani, Palestinian, Egyptian, Eastern Turkistan families who were guests in Turkey were also have not forgotten and the qurbans ' share was transferred to the families.

1 Qurban 1 Seedlings

With the project to be implemented for the first time this year, a fruit plant will be planted for each qurban slaughtered and distributed. Four countries have been identified as pilot regions : Turkey, Sudan, Somalia and Mauritania.


TURKEY  Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Gaza,Jerusalem,Lebanon,Syria Cerablus, Turkey
SUDAN Sudan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal
SOMALIA Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia
MAURATINIA Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Yemen


The regions where we have offices are particularly determined that the maintenance, protection and follow-up of planted seedlings is easier. The crews who went to qurban work symbolically made fruit plantings.

But the main planting, the planting time of that country by following the region conditions, soil structure and climatic fruit saplings will be planted. Planning and studies are continuing in consultation with the country's competent authorities and agricultural institutions. Schools, mosques, orphanages, hospital gardens, villages and large lands allocated in private will be planted. The harvest and income collected from the orchards that will be used for future generations will be given to families in need, orphans, students and martyrs. We would like to thank all of our donors who took part in the victim 2018 victim organization, who took the labor and entrusted us with the sacrificial relics.