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Today is the day of fraternity and sharing

Today is the day of fraternity and sharing

Today is the day of fraternity and sharing

821 million people in the world are starving. One in nine people lies hungry. Every 5 seconds, one child dies of starvation. 68 million people are refugees.

152 million children are forced to work instead of playing. As a result of wars and mass deaths, 400 million orphans struggle for survival.

But we have so much to share. We all have the right to share the happiness of growth isn't it.

This fraternity and sharing Day should never end…

Yardımeli Association established İftar Feasts with orphans and gifts (100.000 children) in 20 different countries with 81 provinces in Turkey, Yardimeli Offices, representatives and partner institutions abroad and shared tables with 100.000 people, 70.000 Yardımeli provision Cards, provision and Food Distributions by making the faces of the needy, the victims and the desolate, we set off to repair broken hearts.

100,000 orphans and needy children chose their pre-feast holiday clothes from the stores themselves and experienced the feast in advance.

As in every month of Ramadan, we organized "ummah iftar" in Istanbul and came together with the poor families that we invited from different parts of our geography.

In order to make us feel that we are on the side of the freedom struggles of our brothers in Palestine, the last Friday of the month of Ramadan was the İ “Jerusalem Iftar”

In the places where it is needed during the month of Ramadan, the distribution of the Gift Quran was distributed in Asia and Africa. Families in need were visited in their homes, hosted and shared modest iftar tables and presented gifts.

Co-family and orphan education projects supports was distributed

As part of the “Co-family family project” and “Orphan education project” implemented in 20 different countries in Turkey, the monthly of 3 000 families(600.000 TL) and 900 orphans(90.000 TL) were paid during Ramadan.

IDLIB was not forgotten

3 trucks of 10 truckloads of flour departing from Ankara were given to Syrian guests in Hatay. 7 truckloads of flour were sent to the Syrian side around Idlib.  Bread was made in the ovens and distributed to the surrounding villages.

Iftar tables were set up every day in Arakan Camps

In the camps of Arakan, iftar tables were set up every day for our brothers, who continued to fast for 365 days a year, and hot food was distributed. Daily iftar (20.000 iftar in total) and hot meals were served in different camps, and food-packages (1,500 packages) were distributed.

Gaza has a special importance for us

Throughout Ramadan, the Gaza Yardimeli office established iftar tables for families of martyrs, orphans and disabled brothers, and shared the joy of the feast with food packages and gift toys and festive clothing.

Peace in Yemen is very soon Insha'allah

Yardimeli teams in Yemen established iftar tables in different regions and distributed food packages. (10,000 Iftar and 1,000 food packages)

The Balkans are right next to us

The Balkans are right next to us and they need our brotherhood and friendship. Yardımeli teams from Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia will remind us of our fraternity and Iftar shared our tables in order to strengthen the ties between us and delivered food packages and festive gifts.     Especially the gifts of the Holy Quran were distributed in the regions.

Africa is a part of us

Africa is one of the regions that we neglected for many years and where they need us.In addition to the Yardımeli offices and partner institutions in Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania and Ethiopia, our teams went to the regions to witness the work there, and provided the iftar tables, distributed food boxes and festive gifts to establish heart bridges from Anatolia.

We have always been with Asian countries

We have always been with them in the difficult times of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkish Republics, Pakistan and Kashmir and we will continue to be. Knowing the month of Ramadan, bridges of brotherhood were created again, the tables were shared, the joy of the feast multiplied exponentially.