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Each qurban is a sapling, a gift to my brother

Each qurban is a sapling, a gift to my brother

Each qurban is a sapling, a gift to my brother

We praise our Lord, he has delivered us to another feast of sacrifice. As Yardımeli family, we congratulate you on your feast, and we would like to meet at feasts where there is no blood and tears in our country and in different regions of our heartland.

In order to Share our qurbans with our brothers and to share them with the joy of the feast, all preparations have been completed.                                                    

This holiday, with its representatives and teams in 35 countries and in our country, will also open the doors of the hearts of the people in need of assistance and orphaned families in the most remote places and will establish the bridges of conversation and charity with their share of qurbans to be presented to them. Qurbans entrusted to our association by giving power of attorney, the name of the qurban owner is read, cut and distributed according to Islamic procedures. As the qurban has been informed by SMS, the information that the victim has been cut will be sent to you by SMS. The video of the qurbans being cut can be viewed later with the password given to you from our website and the images will be sent to your address as a CD in accordance with your request.


The “1 Qurban 1 sapling” campaign, launched in 2018 as part of the “victim cutting and distribution organization”, which is performed successfully every year in Turkey and 35 countries, will continue this year.  

 “If you knew the apocalypse would break, plant the seedling in your hand” Hadith Sharif

With this project, fruit saplings will be planted in pre-determined areas for each slaughtered qurban. In the African countries where the hot climate prevails and where drought and poverty are experienced and pilot regions in our country are planned as application areas. (Sudan, Somalia, Turkey and Mauritania) have been completed for each qurban planting fruit trees donated in 2018.

The process begins when the donor who has deposited the qurban's power of attorney with the Yardımeli Association has donated a seedling tree along with the qurban's proxy. According to the donor's request, for each sacrificial slaughter and distribution, fruit trees are planted in the villages and regions where we have drilled Water Wells in the places and regions designated by the authorities. The maintenance of the trees will be carried out and followed up with the association official, village people and the muhtar (responsible person). If there is no tree planting in the country where the donor's qurban was slaughtered, the tree planting will be carried out in the most appropriate places-countries. Turkey will be held in other villages, towns and places will be determined in accordance with predetermined and demand.

In countries where seedlings are to be planted, the necessary feasibility studies are carried out in conjunction with the authorized agricultural institutions and fruit seedlings are identified in accordance with the climate and soil conditions of the region. 

25 TL sapling money has been added on the qurban costs.The donor who has deposited the qurban's power of attorney with the Yardımeli Association will be given the option of planting a tree with the qurban. The donor will be entitled to acceptance or rejection.

The Benefits Of The Project

  • Follow the advice of the Prophet narrated in the narration
  • To contribute positively to the climate in the country where the project is implemented 
  • To make a sustainable contribution in addition to qurban sharing and approach
  • Ensuring the transfer of tree love, care and benefits to generations
  • To contribute to the visual environment
  • Providing economic contribution to the needy with the products of the trees
  • To devote the income of orchards to be raised on behalf of institutions such as schools, mosques, wells, hospitals and orphanages to such institutions.
  • Village To contribute to the maintenance and repair of the road and the needs of the village with the income of the fruits planted on the sides of the road and the common areas of the village.
  • To ensure that people have a good time in afforested areas

Where to slaughter of qurbans?

The organization of sacrificial slaughter and distribution through proxy includes countries from Asia to Africa, the Middle East to the Balkans and the Turkish Republic. In order to support people who are struggling with problems such as famine, natural disaster, victims of war and refugees, the most needy countries and regions are identified and foreign qurban donation is accepted within the scope of proxy donation organization. Feasibility and planning activities are completed for days before, the teams assigned to the organization of qurban donation with overseas attorney are also determined in advance, information about the country of destination is transferred and trainings are given.

Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Arakan Camps, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chad, Ethiopia, Palestine, Gaza, Ghana, Georgia, Iraq, Aleppo, Cuba, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mali, Mauritania, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Jarabus, Tanzania, Jordan, Yemen, East Turkestan, Egypt

Qurban Donation Costs

  • Aisa – Afrika   650 TL
  • Turkey - Balkans   950 TL
  • Palestine - Gaza   1500 TL


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