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Thanks and prayers became our feast

Thanks and prayers became our feast

Thanks and prayers became our feast

Within the scope of the qurban slaughter and distribution organization for 2019, in our country and in 30 different countries, the names of the share holders were read and cut and delivered to the rights holders.

In our country, the aid extends from north to south, from east to west, and from the Asia to Africa, from the Balkans to the Middle East, from the Caucasus to the Turkish Republics, the qurbans were cut and feasted.

In addition to the 120-member volunteer teams from Turkey, a kindness army was at work, with local teams stationed in the regions. The qurban cuts that began on the morning of Eid, according to the density in the region 2.the day continued on. The teams coordinated the cut and distribution in groups, ensuring that their share of qurbans reached their rightful owners. On the one hand, cuts continued, and on the other hand, deployments continued. The pre-determined families surrendered their shares in exchange for the receipt given to them. Families who failed to arrive at their distribution places were also handed their shares in their homes in person.       

8500 shares were sacrificed and 60 000 families were reached with votive and akika qurbans and feast gifts and toys were presented to children. 

There were people waiting for us..

Asia : Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Arakan refugee camps, Pakistan, Kashmir

The fact that peace does not come in Afghanistan is a bleeding wound. But we will continue to be with our brothers and help them. Particularly in rural areas, the segments were handed out to the qurbans and the needy villages.

Bangladesh is one of the countries with the highest human density. When walking through the capital streets, it is almost impossible for your shoulders to not come into contact with other people. Vehicle, motor, bicycle traffic is also at the same rate. A country where people have to work for 1 USD per day. Nevertheless, the refuge in Arakan is the refuge for people fleeing the persecution.

Qurbans were slaughtered and distributed in Arakan camps and in different parts of Bangladesh. It was noteworthy that in camps without electricity, they kept their sacrificial meat by drying it in the sun.

Pakistan:The friendship and brotherhood ties with Pakistan are still very strong. Regular assistance and support through the helpful Pakistan office is a great opportunity for victims and needy families. The families who resided in Yardımeli Eyüp Sultan Village were also visited and the victims were slaughtered and feasted. Some of our qurbans were slaughtered and distributed for our brothers in the Kashmir region of Pakistan.

Africa: Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Kenya Dadaab Camp, Mali, Ghana

Sudan: Our love of Sudan goes back a long way. We went to Sudan on the occasion of a qurban project. And upon return, it was decided to build an orphanage there, and work began. And the complex gave its first graduates this year. The Yardımeli Kulliyesi, which contributes to the growth of the generations that will become maya to the society, continues its education and training. In the orphans ' complex, in the Undurman region, in the Darfur region, relief teams slaughtered the qurbans and made their deliveries.     

Somalia: The work of the relief team, which travelled to the region to help and support people affected by the Great Drought and famine in Somalia in 2010, is continuing without interruption. The 100-bed assisted Somali Hospital remains a hope to the Somali people. Qurban slaughtered in different regions are distributed to their rightful owners.

Tanzania: Although Tanzania is a tourism region with its historical and natural beauties, it is a country where these opportunities are not reflected to the public. Our assistance and support activities for our victims and needy brothers continue regularly every year. Water wells are also a great opportunity for our brothers to reach clean water. In Darusselam and Zanzibar, the qurbans were slaughtered in different regions and delivered to people living in rural areas.

Mauritania: Mauritania is a country where most of its territory is desert in West Africa. Therefore, it is a region where drought and scarcity are experienced and the financial situation of people is very bad. The Assisted Education Complex, built in the capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott, will allow orphan children to be educated and brought to life. The complex, whose construction has been completed, will soon begin education. The qurbans, who were slaughtered by different teams in the complex and in the rural areas, were distributed to the village people.

Ethiopia: Ethiopia is a region reached by our regular aid as a debt of loyalty to Necashi's descendants. The co-project family water wells, orphan education project continues regularly. The qurbans were cut off by different teams in Najashi's hometown and rural settlements around the capital and handed over to their rightful owners.

Niger: Niger is ranked in the top five in the world rankings, based on national income figures per capita. For the past two years, relief teams have been conducting qurban studies in the area and delivering aid. Qurbans were slaughtered in different areas and distributed to people waiting in the sun under tents.

Chad: Chad is one of the regions where poverty and poverty peak in Central Africa. For the past two years, relief teams have been carrying out relief work and qurban activities in the area. The qurbans, slaughtered in different regions, were delivered one-on-one to people waiting under the sun.

Kenya: Kenya's Dadaab camp is a campsite with a lot of victimization, inadequate tents and sheds, far from living conditions, with people migrating as a result of famine and drought in Somalia. For the last 10 years, relief teams have been carrying out relief work and sacrifice activities in the region. Orphanages and training centers in the Garissa region are also visited, supported, and gifts and confections are distributed to children. The qurbans who were slaughtered in the camp were distributed to the people who werefighting for their lives in the camp.

Mali: Mali is one of the countries in the West African region where poverty and poverty make it feel too much. For the past three years, relief teams have been carrying out relief work and qurban activities in the area. Orphanages are also abundant in the area. Orphans were visited and toys, clothes and confections were distributed. Qurbans were also slaughtered in different areas and distributed.

Ghana: Ghana was first held this year. The qurban sacrifices made by a local partner in the region were also distributed in the region.

Balkans: Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo

The Balkans is a region close to us as a distance, as a culture. It is not very possible to destroy the bonds and traces of history. It is our greatest desire that these ties continue to be strengthened further.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria is a place where our regular aid and qurbans have reached for the last 5 years. We strive to keep in touch with a handful of our brothers, especially in the countryside, and to support them. Requests for support for mosques and Koran courses are being met. It is our greatest desire to support teachers and trainers and to continue education and training for children. Our qurbans were slaughtered along with the people of the village and their distribution was made.

Bosnia: Bosnia, We strive to keep in touch with the lands where the Wise King Aliah lives. In addition to regular assistance and support, the greenhouse project continues to support families. The qurbans, especially those slaughtered in the villages, were distributed to the people living in the vicinity.

Macedonia: Macedonia is a region where you can see traces of us when you walk through the streets and streets of the city,and when you look at the living conditions in the villages, there is no feeling of unfamiliarity. Especially village lives and cultures remind us of a charming village in Anatolia. The qurbans were slaughtered along with the villagers and their distribution was made.

Kosovo: Kosovo has remained under Ottoman rule for many years, and the Muslim population and artifacts stand out. The qurbans who were deputized, their names were read out one by one, and their distribution was made.

Middle East: Syria-Jarablus, Iraq-Aleppo, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza, Jerusalem

The Middle East is a region where emigrants struggle for their lives because of victimization, war, persecution and internal turmoil.

Syria-Jarablus : Syria-Jarablus, 9 years of civil war and turmoil in the region where the negative traces of our victims, 30 km from Jarablus live in the village of Usbağı was cut. The slaughtered qurbans were distributed to the village people and the Kennu camp.

Iraq-Halabja: Iraq-Halabja, for the first time this year, the qurbans were cut and distributed in the region where Yardimeli teams reached.

Jordan: Jordan has been a region where regular aid has been delivered for 11 years, especially in support of people fighting for their lives in Palestinian refugee camps. Co-family, orphan Education Project, Ramadan and Victim Assistance continue all year through the local partner institution. The qurbans were cut off in a Palestinian refugee camp and distributed to those living in the camp.

Lebanon: Our support to our brothers who emigrate from Lebanon and Palestine and struggle for life in the camps continues since the foundation of the association. The qurbans of Palestinian refugee camps were distributed to our brothers living in the camps.

Yemen: Yemen, in the region where the internal turmoil and wars of interest ruined the country, and the epidemics caused by drought and hunger brought mass deaths. Innocent people, women, children and the elderly were the most affected. Through the partner organization in the region, Assisted teams cut qurbans in different regions and distributed them to people in difficult conditions.

Gaza: Our aid and support continues uninterruptedly in the country that has been struggling for life under the blockade and embargo for 11 years. The co-family, orphan education project, micro-finance projects, health, clothing and medical device donations are carried out through the helper Gaza Office. The slaughter of the qurbans lasted late at night and was distributed to the families' homes one by one.

Quds: In Jerusalem, which has a separate symbol and place in the Islamic world, we continue to help and support the guards of the Masjid Aksa. Our qurbans were slaughtered in different places and delivered to families on the streets of Jerusalem.