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The most effective medicine: Fraternity and sharing

The most effective medicine: Fraternity and sharing

The most effective medicine: Fraternity and sharing

Nowadays, when humanity concentrates on producing solutions and looking for a way out against the corona virus that affects the whole world; The brotherhood and solidarity mobilization that keeps us alive and gives us the power to resist continues throughout the country.

These difficult and troubled days will surely end one day. When we look back when these days pass, we will surely remember the impotence and desperation that humanity has fallen from, and we should learn lessons from this situation.

When these days pass again, we should not forget evil, disloyalty, opportunism, betrayal. The feelings of brotherhood, sharing, solidarity, loyalty that help us get through these difficult days should be engraved in the memory of our children.

Now It's Time To Share..

On this path, which we have set out by saying that it is time to share our facilities, we continue to reach the families who survive under difficult conditions one by one, and continue to deliver gift shopping cards and food packages.

In this process, the assistance branch, representative offices and volunteers in 81 provinces in Anatolia are mobilized and distributed in coordination and cooperation with the Vefa Social Support Group established by the governorates.

Especially elderly, lonely, orphan families are identified; In this process, the Yardimeli Teams reach the people who have lost their jobs or are unable to work due to the extraordinary situation and their needs are met as much as possible.

Let's share the favors, so that the Brotherhood may live, said Our president of the Association, President, Dr. Sadık Danışman, said:"In this difficult process we all have responsibilities and duties.We all need to look around and help and guide families who have lost their jobs, who work everyday, who can't go to work. We will overcome these challenges again with unity, togetherness, solidarity and sharing. We strive to be in the field with our entire team and deliver aid. We have full faith that if we support each other together and take care of each other, we will succeed. We take this power from our brotherhood and our faith. When these days pass, let's leave some good to remember."

We all have to look after our environment, our street, our neighborhood. We need to take care of people who are in a difficult situation, who can't afford it, who need to be taken care of, who are elderly, who are lonely and who have lost their jobs in these days at most.   

Individual assistance should be provided to help and support families in distress. In cases beyond our own power, families in this situation should be directed and reported to the competent authorities and NGOs.