Yardimeli Association

If not today, when…

If not today, when…

If not today, when…

In this March, which we started by saying Now it's the time to Share, our work continues in full speed with the prayer of being able to benefit from the mercy and blessings of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Although we feel human weakness in the face of the corona virus outbreak that affects the whole world, we all have responsibilities in the solution and compensation of this problem.

Especially in these difficult times, we need each other more than ever.

Thankfully, our strongest side is our ability to help when needed, to help in the face of challenges and to Share our opportunities.

We believe that we will overcome the difficulties by feeling the power of unity, togetherness, solidarity and sharing with us in these difficult days we live.

“And what will make you comprehend what the uphill road is?”

“(It is) freeing of a slave (or a captive)”

“Or the feeding on a day of hunger,"

“Of an orphan near of kin or to the indigent (down) in the dust.”

“Then will he be of those who believe, and enjoin on each other to patience, and enjoin on each other mercy.”



Our teams are on the field in 81 provinces

Our branches, representatives and volunteers in 81 provinces continue their work in the field by taking all protective measures despite the difficult process we have experienced.    

In particular, elderly, orphaned, orphaned families are carefully researched and their needs are tried to be met. In this process, a resource was created from the emergency aid fund for our siblings who left their jobs, who could not do business, and who were working daily, and were delivered to our brothers in this situation.

Despite the fact that we have prepared our plans and works for the holy month of Ramadan days ago, we have started to reach the rightful owners by bringing forward our preparations in the face of this developing situation, by making additions from the emergency budget and assistance and support efforts.    

The budget of 4,000,000 TL was started to be used in the first place.

2 000 000 TL food, hygiene materials, medical supplies

700 000 TL Orphans' Feast, Pocket Money and gifts

300 000 TL takeaway meal for iftar  

10 000 TL gift Quran Kerim

1 000 000 TL Co-family and Orphans monthly payments

In addition, zakat and fitra donations that will come during Ramadan will be delivered to the beneficiaries during Ramadan.

Due to the current situation, collective iftar meals and crowded programs will not be organized.

The aids that will be delivered personally by our teams as much as possible will be delivered to the families.

Amounts to be paid in cash will be sent to the accounts through the bank and PTT.

Our foreign offices will extend the abundance of Ramadan Beyond Borders

In the face of this epidemic affecting the whole world, our projects and efforts abroad continue uninterrupted. In Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Bangladesh, Arakan camps, Palestine-Gaza and the Balkans, our special work for Ramadan will be delivered to the needy through our offices and partner institutions.     

We will continue to share the blessings and joy of the month of Ramadan with our victims and needy brothers who are fighting occupation, war, hunger and drought and who have been removed from their homes, just as we do every year.

We will be participating in the Iftar and sahur tables with our gifts in addition to the sister family, orphan education support, food, clothing and health benefits that continue abroad.

How I can make a contribution ..?

In this process and in our country which gives the best example of sharing and solidarity in accordance with the spirit of the month of Ramadan, charities can also join our teams and contribute to this March. :

  • Rations-rations card                       100 TL                                  
  • İftar –Domestic/Abroad                   25 TL                       
  • Fıtra                                                    30 TL                        
  • Orphan feast clothes                      125 TL                                 
  • Gift Quran                                         25 TL

You can donate 5 TL by typing FOOD and sending SMS to 4031.

Donations can be made online at www.yardimeli.org.tr

Gift rations cardsoffer the opportunity to shop from a common grocery chain throughout the country. The needy will be able to buy whatever he wants, in any amount and from any brand he wants. Gift cards with a validity period of 6 months can be used during this period. In addition, rations packages prepared and received as donations in kind will be delivered directly to the rightful owners.

Orphan feast clothes, The best gift for the orphans to enjoy the feast of the holiday. Feast clothes give the opportunity to choose the model they like, the color they want from the contracted stores. Orphans are brought to shops in small groups and their shopping is done before the feast.

Fıtra donations, it is delivered to the rights holders before the feast in Turkey and abroad without any interruption. Charity owners who will donate to fıtra abroad can make their donations available to our association by hand, by other way or online until 2 days before the feast at the latest. It will be enough for them to deliver the domestic donations of fıtra and ransom by the day of the Arefa.              

İftar programs, due to the process experienced, iftar programs will not be held in crowded and closed areas. Hot meals and iftaries to be prepared, especially in camp areas, where refugees are busy, will be delivered to families with packages and containers.

Gift Quran's, it will be delivered to its rightful owners, especially abroad, in places where there are a large number of refugees who have been removed from their homes, in camps and in rural areas where they are struggling to survive under difficult conditions.

Food Banking System

Our association accepts all kinds of in-kind donations within the scope of Food Banking. Institutions and businesses can donate their food banking products (food, clothing, cleaning, fuel) at their cost, and deduct their donations from taxes.