Yardimeli Association

Let our prayers in words and in actions be for our brothers and sisters

Let our prayers in words and in actions be for our brothers and sisters

Let our prayers in words and in actions be for our brothers and sisters

As followers of Islam, the other name of which is peace, we have something to tell to those who feed off enmity in the world, those who profit from turning people against each other, those who seek prosperity by raining bombs on women and children.

We will remind all the wicked that we stand for peace, brotherhood, goodness and humanity.

We will remind that we will stand against millions of bombs, guns, tanks and artillery as Islam's peace envoys, benefactors and stalwarts of charity. We will get across the important message of goodness to the world so that the world becomes a better place to live, so that the hearts get united, and so that the children of Adam become brothers.

We will remind that we have been given our hands so that we can lend a helping hand to our fellow human beings as well as to our brothers and sisters in Islam. Most importantly, we have been given our hands not for throwing bombs at each other, nor for killing each other! We can turn the world into an abode of goodness, an abode of peace, an abode of brotherhood, a place where each of the children of Adam can find salvation and security. We can achieve this by multiplying goodness. This is not a utopia. We can achieve this as the Human Family. We can activate our human side that nurtures goodness and brotherhood, that encourages benevolence and charity by throwing away our evil motivations that instigate occupations, that fuel greed, and stir up grudge and animosity.

We will remind our Muslim brothers:

We, as believers, are the communities that should bear the greatest responsibility for world peace. Allah (SWT) Gave us the name Muslims so that we first increase goodness among ourselves and become brothers, and then establish peace between other communities with the power that comes from this brotherhood. We are Muslims: The source of goodness, beauty, brotherhood, common sense and peace is in our Book, in the exemplary life of our Prophet (pbuh). Our arms should always be more open to humanity. We should lend a helping hand not only to ourselves, but also to all servants of Allah (SWT) and to other living beings in nature.

This Ramadan, we, as Yardimeli, will reach every part of our Muslim world and set up tables of brotherhood with a full sense of brotherhood. We will deliver the donations with which you have entrusted us to our brothers and sisters. We will take your prayers and bring their prayers. We will hit the road so as to lend “a helping hand”, to distribute charity, to spread kindness, to demonstrate beauty and to bring peace.

We remind once again all our believing brothers and sisters of something they know:

Ramadan is the motivation for reviewing the past year and preparing for the next year. It is the month of refreshing hearts and increasing the consciousness of brotherhood. It is the month of seeking mercy in the joys of orphans and seeking paradise in their smiles. Ramadan is the month bestowed upon us that contains a night better than a thousand months, like the Night of Power. Let's know its value. Let’s avoid discord, stigmatizing one another and holding grudges against each other. Let's pray throughout the month of Ramadan: “O Allah, do not leave the slightest grudge in our hearts against those who believe, our Lord! You are indeed Kind and Merciful!”.

Ramadan is approaching: It is time to remember. It is time to refresh the brotherhood. Remember your brother, make your brother happy. Become "a helping hand" to your brother.

Don't forget your brother.

It is Ramadan: It is the month in which mercy, blessings, goodness and brotherhood from all the other months are concentrated. Let's make this month of mercy even more blessed by sharing good things with each other.

While wars set the agenda of the world, let's refresh our brotherhood

Let's plant goodness, beauty and brotherhood on the earth.

Let's lend "a helping hand" to each other.