Yardimeli Association

Our gain is what Ramadan left us ... Alhamdulillah!

Our gain is what Ramadan left us ... Alhamdulillah!

Our gain is what Ramadan left us ... Alhamdulillah!

The month of the Qur'an, the month of brotherhood, the month of mercy and blessings, Ramadan came and went so fast.

Ramadan came with great excitement and left with great sadness as always. But what it left us is a big gain for us.

With the mercy and blessings of Ramadan, Muslims step up joint efforts, hold each other’s hands tighter, strengthen brotherhood and cherish with greater intensity in their hearts the aspiration to become a "Helping Hand".

With the advent of Ramadan, we hit the road excitedly. We placed in our saddlebags what our donors entrusted to us: charitable donations such as Infaq, Sadaqah, Zakat,  vow offerings and sacrifices, all of which are the physical manifestations of our donors’ prayers. No matter how far or near the journey, we delivered the donations to the orphans, the oppressed, and the needy.

Within the scope of our activities carried out in our country and abroad throughout the month of Ramadan:

350 thousand people were reached and provided with necessary support.

Be Witness, O LORD..

This year Ramadan has been very fruitful for us. We even went to our brothers and sisters in countries, provinces, cities and houses we had not been able to go to due to the pandemic over the previous two years.

When we could not go out due to restrictions, we could better understand Gaza, which is kept under blockade and embargo ...

The hunger and thirst we felt while fasting reminded us of the Rohingya refugee camps, the innocent people suffering in Yemen, and our brothers and sisters who cannot access clean water in the arid African lands.

Every moment we were in good health reminded us of all people struggling with the Covid-19 epidemic ...

At every iftar table we sat with our family, the condition of the orphans deprived of their parents swam before our eyes ...

Neither could we forget our brothers and sisters who were exiled from their homes in the Palestinian lands and those worshipping in the precincts of Masjid al-Aqsa ...















We went to Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee camps, Kosovo, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Syria - Idlib of, Jarabulus, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Albania; We were in Mongolia, Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine - Gaza and Jerusalem ... We carried kindness, brotherhood, and prayers to our brothers and sisters from Anatolia. Of course, we started from areas close to ourselves first. We traveled across Anatolia from one end to the other. We delivered the goodness of our Helping Hands to almost all of our provinces: from Hakkari to Istanbul, from Hatay to Izmir, from Ankara to Bartın, from Aydın to Van. Throughout the month of Ramadan, we carried prayers from hand to hand, from tongue to tongue, from heart to heart.

We brought love in gift cards and food packages ...

20 thousand food packages and gift cards were delivered.

We delivered gifts cards, Ramadan food packages and cash aid to thousands of households. We gave thousands of our children gift cards for buying festive attire. We dressed thousands of our children and prepared them for the festival. Our province representatives set up iftar tables... We met and hugged our brothers so that the goodness, beauty and brotherhood of Ramadan would imprint on our hearts and would not leave our hearts until at least 11 months later. Due to the fact that our country is going through an economic bottleneck just like the rest of the world, we increased our Ramadan activities in our country and did our best to reach more people in need.

Tables were set up for brotherhood

24 thousand iftar meals and iftar treats were served.

We did our best not to turn down any request for help thanks to our donors, in whose lives the top priority is to remember their brothers and sisters, to support the Muslim community, to be good, to be among the good, to improve things, and to act as "Helping Hands". We distributed goodness all across Anatolia: city to city, street to street, heart to heart. We worked hard day and night to fulfill our duty / mission of being a bridge for prayers in words and in actions. As "Helping Hands", we all rushed to let those in need benefit from the mercy and blessings of Ramadan, to put a smile on the face of another orphan, to reach the oppressed waiting behind another door, and to make another child happy.

Our Chairman, Dr. Sadık Danışman and Helping Hand teams carried on visits to households, joind iftar meals with selected families and shared iftar tables. During those visits, needs were identified and gifts were presented.

All in all, we stood by our country's orphans, oppressed and needy people throughout Ramadan. We rejoiced together, cried together and prayed together. The river of kindness and brotherhood flowed from Helping Hands to all parts of Anatolia.

Festive attire put in a festive mood...

9 thousand pieces of festive attire were given as gifts.

As it happens every year, “Festive Attire Gifts” were delivered to orphans and needy families before the festival of Eid al-Fitr. With the assistance of our representatives in Anatolia, identified children were brought in groups to shops, where they could select and try on festive attire of their choice. They experienced the happiness of getting the clothes they wanted in whichever colour they liked.

We have reached the end of yet another month of the Qur'an, another month of mercy and blessings, another month of brotherhood and sympathy, another month of making orphans happy, and another month of Ramadan. Ramadan made us happy. Ramadan introduced us to our new brothers and sisters. Ramadan made us understand the verse "you became, by His favor, brothers" more deeply, in a more sincere and lofty manner.

May Allah (SWT) be pleased with all of our donors who contributed even a drop to the Helping Hand river. We came to the end of another time of beauty. We just finished another Ramadan. We will continue spreading kindness and beauty among our brothers and sisters as well as acting as a bridge between giving and receiving hands.

Hail, beautiful people walking this blessed journey with us ...