Yardimeli Association

We will carry Qurbanis from brother to brother and prayers from heart to hear

We will carry Qurbanis from brother to brother and prayers from heart to hear

We will carry Qurbanis from brother to brother and prayers from heart to hear

Preparations are complete.

We are excitedly waiting for Eid-al-Adha: starting from Anatolia, we will go to our brothers and sisters in Africa, the Balkans and Central Asia. On the one hand, we aspire to obtain the prayers of the orphans, the poor and the needy by means of the Qurbanis we will deliver to them; on the other hand, we will bring along the saplings to be planted in the soil as a physical manifestation of our prayers for our future generations and for humanity.

On this Eid-al-Adha, we will personally visit the oppressed of the Muslim community, Syrian refugees, Rohingya refugees, Yemeni orphans as well as orphans in Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Mauritania and other parts of the Muslim world. We will take your Qurbanis and prayers to them and we will bring you prayers from them.

Teams are ready to go to different regions ...

Our representatives in the country will ensure the Qurbanis are slaughtered and distributed to the beneficiaries in due manner. The teams responsible for slaughtering and distribution, slaughtering facilities and distribution vehicles have been examined for the last time, apart from purchasing the Qurbanis. Final preparations and distribution plans have been confirmed and deficiencies have been remedied.

The teams that will go abroad have been put together and necessary arrangements have been made. Coordination and planning with local partner institutions have been reviewed.

Members of the Board of Directors are personally on the field.

Each member of the Board of Directors, in particular our Board Chairman Dr. Sadık Danışman, will personally oversee the Qurbani organization and distribution in the identified regions in this country and abroad. Other activities and projects in each country of destination will also be examined and inspected on site. Our teams responsible for Qurbani organization will be personally on duty in all regions abroad, except for Gaza and Yemen due to the known specific reasons.

In preparation for the journey, the teams working both in this country and abroad have been provided with necessary reminders and trainings so as to inform them about local sensitivities and relevant legal regulations.

We know that the celebration of Eid-al-Adha is as joyous as we can make others happy and that our Qurbani is as significant as our sense of responsibility. We know that “neither the meat nor the blood of the slaughtered Qurbanis reach Allah (SWT); it is only our taqwa / consciousness of our responsibility that reaches Allah (SWT)”. In this sense, we will endeavor to deliver our Qurbanis to each of our brothers and sisters who are near and far. We will hit the road for that purpose ...

On this Eid al-Adha, we will try to fulfill in the possible best way our mission of being a bridge between the giving hand and the receiving hand. We will bring joy of Eid al-Adha to the hearts of orphans in shacks in Anatolia, in tents in the deserts of Yemen, in various places from Somalia to Bosnia and from refugee camps in Syria to Rohingya refugee camps.

On the one hand, we will deliver goodness, food and water to people, bring light to blind eyes, bring peace and hope to hearts; on the other hand we will also bring along our saplings so as to become hope for our future and future generations.

As we do every year, we will carry heartfelt hope this year too.

We will carry kindness from hand to hand.

We will carry prayers from heart to heart.