Water Well Project

Blood in our veins is crucial for sustainability of life; likewise water is equally important for living and even non-living things.  People may live comfortably near clean and abundant water sources. Plants and animals -whether wild by nature or not- may sustain their life thanks to water.

Severe drought, adverse sanitary conditions, reasons such as floods and earthquake can cause clean water supply networks to deteriorate, and this, in turn, makes access to clean water sources even more difficult.

As the Yardımeli Association is well aware of the fact that water, one of the numerous blessings of God, is crucial for living creatures, we drill "water wells" especially in African countries where severe drought conditions prevail.

We drill "water wells" wherever needed and mainly in the following locations:

  • Sudan
  • Somali
  • Afghanistan

What can I do to drill water well?

When the philanthropists that wish to drill water well contact the Yardımeli Association, detailed information will be provided by the persons in charge. Regions in urgent need of water wells along with prospective costs are furnished to the philanthropists, and a location is selected and determined n line with the request of the contributor. Name(s) the contributor wish to give the water well are received, and the teams in the selected area are notified. Drilling the well is monitored on each stage.  Once it is completed, a signboard bearing the name of the contributor is hanged out over the well. The contributor is sent an image of the final condition of the water well accompanied by a letter of thanks.

Locations We Drilled Water Wells and the Costs Incurred

Afghanistan 2.000 $
Somalia 4.000 $
Sudan 6.000 $

Drill Water Well