Sudan Orphans Complex

There are about one million unprotected and orphan children in Sudan as a result of long lasting civil war, hunger, poverty and unfavorable climatic conditions. Furthermore, there are so many threats and danger that deteriorate the mental, physical and spiritual integrities of these children. Among all, the most dangerous is the missionary activities conducted in the region. 

We as Yardımeli Association, have decided to construct Sudan Akabe Orphans Complex on 21-decare land located close to the center of Khartoum, for the purpose of creating a secure ambient that will provide a decent place, in consideration of satisfying the souls of the orphan children, in addition to meeting their needs for the health and nutrition under our motto of “the best investment is the one that invests for the future of the children”. The construction works were initiated as of January 2011 when the base of the premises was laid. 

Having completed thanks to exemplified efforts and diligence  was conducted, the complex’s formal inauguration took place in August 2012, by participation of HocaMuhterem Mustafa İslamoğlu in particular, including Dr. SadıkDanışman, Chairman of Association, Sudan Ambassador, Khartoum Regional Governor and other local officers.

Akabe Orphan Complex was established on 21-decare areas. It is consisted of the premises consisted of 5500 square meter area, specific to a spectacular establishment. It welcomed 65 orphans at its first curriculum year in 2012. In addition to the orphan registered at the primary school level each year, The complex provides accommodation altogether 400 orphans, complete with boarding and training activities to provide all stages of training until university level. 

The complex is integral with the mosque, complete with classrooms, dormitory, library, guest room and complementary premises, ready at the disposal of surrounding people in addition to the orphans. 

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