Co-Family Project

Co-family is the statement of sharing, growing, increasing and purifying...

Co-family is a project that was arisen from the brotherhood of ansar and muhajir; and intended for people who are oppressed, victim and indigent. While the scope of project is all geographies of the earth, within the frame of ‘to start from close’ principle, from Anatolia to the Balkans, from Asia to Africa, from Middle East to Caucasus.

The project that has developed by Yardımeli with the support of benefactors to make victim and indigent families happy, whose number is increasing more and more, as a result of natural diseases and wars.

In Co-family project, our purpose is to build ‘spiritual brotherhood’ bridges between high-standard and middle class families, and indigent and oppressed families. Our aim is establishing these bridges for covering not only inland but also all countries around the world.

We reached to Turkey, Somali, Palestine, Bosnia, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and our brothers in all indigent geography of the world. By the year 2015, we aided 4.231 co-families.

With giver and receiver, with wealthy and poor… we came together, and cuddled. With the idiom of Ali; they are our pairs in humanity or our brothers in religion.

The Aims of Co-Family Project;

  • To extend solidarity and cooperation within the framework of fraternity by and between the great family of humanity,
  • To bridge over for "spiritual fraternity" by and between the families of high and medium living standards and oppressed, victim and dependent families,
  • To bridge over for the "spiritual fraternity" for victim and dependent families not only within the national boundaries but also all over the world.

Aids on the Scope of Co-family Project

  • The aid of rental money and fuel expenses to obtain lodging
  • Educational guidance, educational materials and scholarshipto meet general educationalneeds.
  • To supply the needs of inspection and medication for health services.
  • To meet the needs of clothing and food.
  • Rehabilitation services, especially for the elderly and disabled individuals.
  • Psychological support, especially in disaster areas and war territories.
  • Travel and visit schedules throughout the country and to Turkey.
  • Perpetual and regular communication support between the hosting family and receiving family.
  • And legal support

Costs For Co-Family

  • Monthly and annual amounts that will be designated by Yardımeli Association considering the standard of living prevailing in the countries under the project are collected from the host family and are immediately delivered to the receiving family.
  • Collections and payments may be for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year depending on the conditions of the addressee.


Costs For Co-Family Among Countries

Turkey 250 TL 55 € 65 $
Palestine 250 TL 55 € 65 $
Bosnia 250 TL 55 € 65 $
Araken 150 TL 35 € 40 $
Afghanistan 150 TL 35 € 40 $
Bangladesh 150 TL 35 € 40 $
Mauritania 150 TL 35 € 40 $
Pakistan 150 TL 35 € 40 $
Somalia 150 TL 35 € 40 $
Sudan 150 TL 35 € 40 $


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