Dairy Goat Project

Yardımeli Association develops and implements permanent and sustainable project in addition to its helping hand to the people suffered from natural disasters and war.

The milk goat project is a development for implementing within African countries in particular. Our purpose to develop such a project that can be best expressed with the idiom “to teach how to fish instead of donating it”.

The goat, ship or cow is donated to the families in need for farming, so long as they may cope with, who are spotted upon screening performed. The number of farming animals are determined according to the families’ capabilities. First is aimed for the family to perform farming for milk. Meanwhile, the animals are traded so long as the families’ number of livestock is augmented, while the families are allowed to make full use of their possessions in any way as possible in the course of time.

The project is implemented in following countries;

  • Somalia

The price of a milk goat: 110 $ - 100 €

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