Orphan Education Project

The worshippers with each other’s parents have to recall and remind these parental duties in difficult times. Oppressed orphans in the Islamic world hold on to life again and the hopes through future of them become green again, it is aimed that adding permanent value to good with orphan education project in way of becoming a leader personage in the community where they live. 

The project covers Turkey (81 provinces), Palestine, the Balkans, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arakan and Ethiopia in first period, and in subsequent year, we aim to reach 2.000 in the 2016 with adding new countries, also, we aim to support 10.000 orphans in three years.

​With Orphan Education Support Project, our aim is enable to continue education of orphans' who do not have any kind of facilities and face financial impossibility. We expect support and prays of you, as bosom friends to our project that has started for the purpose of helping to rear them as highbrow and enlightened person in their country, and for their society.

Our project are covering many countries in the Islamic world; a group consisting of 10 different donors will again support a group of 10 different orphans. In this way, our donor to support 10 different orphans with giving a monthly donation as 110 TL, it will take a pray from 10 different orphans.

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