Yardımeli Derneği

From where to where … Alhamdolilah

From where to where … Alhamdolilah

From where to where … Alhamdolilah

The new annex buildings of Yardımeli Hospital, which started service in 2016 and distribute healing to the people of Somalia, and the foundations of the Health Sciences University campus, were carried out in Mogadishu with the participation of official protocol and representatives of private institutions.

The calendar leaves marked the hot and dry summer months of 2010. There was a human tragedy due to drought, hunger and thirst. We could not remain silent and indifferent to this scream rising in Somalia ..Our Association President Dr. Sadık Danisman, who went to the region with an official delegation to examine the mobilization and aid efforts that started under the leadership of our state and government, witnessed the miserable and difficult situations of the people.  “Mothers were on a death watch over their children, and the children were waiting for their death row.” There had to be something that could be done in front of this painting.


The decision was made and in 2012, the first digging was hit and the 100-bed "Assisted Maternity and Children's Hospital" was started. Although there was some difficulty in allocating the place, in the end, within the scope of the protocol made with the Somali Ministry of Health and other authorized institutions, the dumping area where the city's garbage was disposed of was allocated. The ground was cleaned and the excavation and garbage was taken with thousands of trucks. All of the design and engineering work was continued construction done in Turkey.


Yardımeli Somali Hospital, which was completed in 2016 and started to accept patients, continues its activities for the victims and oppressed Somali people both in terms of equipment, service and quality.

Best wishes

The year is 2021.. Growing conditions and considering the emerging new needs, existing Yardımeli new addition to the hospital building and the Health Sciences in the garden of the hospital foundation of the University campus, located delegations and local from Turkey was laid with the participation of representatives of governmental institutions.


The groundbreaking ceremony of the Health campus campuses; the Yardımeli Association of Board members in Turkey and General Manager Bahru Bulut, project engineers and architects with Board Member Salim Aydın, Somali Federal Republic of Prime Minister mohamed hussein robl, Ambassador Mehmet Yılmaz, Chairman of the Union of Somali Scholars, Somalia Minister of Education Abdullahı Abukar Hajı, Mogadishu Governor, Somalia DeputyMinister of Health, Red Crescent Somalia delegation, THY Somalia Coordinator, Assisted Somalia Coordinator and officials of our Somali partner MENHAL Association attended.


The foundation of the Health Sciences University building along with the hospital annex building is one of the most fundamental investments for future generations.  The students who will be trained here will make important contributions to the future of Somalia and Africa.


Association President Dr. Sadık Danisman made statements for this beautiful service : “Praise be to Allah. How was Somalia, how is it now.. The hands of compassion and compassion of our state and nation perform enormous services in the oppressed and victimized geographies. As someone who saw the situation of Somalia in 2010, I can clearly see the work is done and the change.


Especially these days when we are struggling with the covid-19 virus that affects the whole world, this service provided by the healthcare field is really important. In these pandemic days, when we understand the importance of the health system, hospitals, and healthcare professionals, both the new hospital service buildings and the Health Sciences University must be the best investment made in Somalia's future. Students are provided with an opportunity to do both education and practice at the same time. It is planned to be put into service gradually over a period of 3 years. He said Good luck to all of us.” 


Bahri Bulut is the General Director of Yardimeli Association “It is impossible not to see the change and development in Somalia. The work of the Yardımeli Association and other NGOs representing our country continues uninterruptedly, alhamdolilah. This new Hospital and Health Sciences University is the best gift for future generations. I would like to thank our Ambassador, TIKA Coordinator and Somali official authorities, Menhal Foundation officials, and hospital staff with whom we work as a partner. " Said.



  • 2400 M2 seating area
  • 9400 m2 total covered area (4 floors)
  • 75 patient rooms
  • 150 bed capacity
  • Outpatient Rooms
  • 10 observation beds
  • 3 Operating Rooms
  • Emergency Department
  • Imaging Center (MR-CT-ultrasound-X-Ray)
  • Bacteriology-Microbiology Laboratory
  • Blood Bank
  • Dialysis Center
  • Pharmacy
  • 20 adult and child intensive care beds
  • Newborn Unit
  • 2 Maternity Units (Gynecology)
  • Breastfeeding Room
  • Vaccine Room
  • Quarantine room
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Administrative Units
  • Meeting Room
  • Conference Room
  • Electrical-Electronic Unit
  • Plumbing Unit
  • Store
  • Mortuary


  • 4012 m2 total area
  • Classrooms-Classrooms
  • Anfi Hall
  • Laboratories
  • Administrative Units
  •  Lobby and social facilities


  • Guest house
  • Total area of 1416 m2
  • Single and double rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Cafe
  • Social Reinforcement Areas